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Matthew Winters is in trouble. Everything he's worked so hard to achieve is gone. One snowy Christmas Eve in 1932, he's offered a second chance. He meets Henry, the proprietor of a thrift store. It isn't your typical thrift store. The wares Henry purveys are magical. He returns home to confess everything to his beautiful wife, Anna. He convinces her that they can start anew, and use the timepiece Henry gives him to travel through time. "Don't ever let it stop ticking," Henry warns. In this mystical tale that marries time travel, romance and psychological horror, journey with the Winters across many decades to see what happens when you let love lead the way. A grotesquely beautiful love story that will test the hands of time.

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Our Interview with Barbara AvonQ1. How did you get into writing? My Grade 9 English teacher encouraged me to write. I started with poetry like m…

The Van Helsing Paradox

“A gal has to look out for herself after all.”

Clara Grey’s parents once said that the world was a dark and dangerous place. There was more truth than fiction to those words. There were things that lurked in the shadows which defied the laws of nature: perversions that fed on the dead, terrorised the living, or escaped the chill touch of the grave.

Clara is a member of the Tower, a religious order of hunters who work outside the confines of the Church. As keepers of the arcane, her order takes an active role to counter these threats. The life of a hunter can be short, and many disappear before their training is complete. So, what does it take to succeed against all odds?

Explore Clara’s origin, a child born before the dawn of the twentieth century. Witness her rigorous training, how she faces adversity, and fights in the Great War to become the derringer wielding flapper she is.

Throughout her tale, keep in mind that no matter the threat, a gal has to look out for herself after all.

The Adventures of Spunky the Monkey

Spunky the monkey pulled his little diaper off and threw it on the window of the spacecraft, where it tumbled to the ground, unseen by the occupants of the control deck, who were focussed on their pre-launch checklist. 
Spunky had only moments to reach the craft’s interior before the outer doors closed for launch. Scampering over the rigging holding the spacecraft upright, Spunky reached the edge of the structure, with the open door still tantalisingly out of reach.

Swinging from the rigging by one arm to gain momentum, Spunky hurled himself towards the entrance, catching the edge with his outflung fingertips. Tensing his strong arms, he pulled himself up and into the airlock only seconds before the heavy door thudded into place behind him.

A deep voice sounded over the speaker system: “T minus 30 seconds and counting”. Spunky knew he had to get to the sickbay’s spare acceleration couch before the countdown reached zero. He rounded the corner into the narrow corridor, loping on all f…

Imprisoned Online: Gaming the System

Commit an online crime, go to an online jail. In this MMORPG penal colony, inmates PVP to gain EXP, loot, and most of all...survive.

Seph has been sentenced to play in one of these virtual correctional facilities. Sounds fun, right? Maybe for some, but there is no worse punishment for Seph, mostly because he isn't a gamer. Will he be able to complete his sentence with all the trials and objectives thrown at him? Trapped in a virtual world he cannot escape, Seph now has to step outside of his comfort zone and align himself with the very thing he's been rebelling against his whole life--the system.

Game designer and avid gamer, P.A. Wikoff wrote this story as a love letter to a lifetime of gaming.

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Our Interview with P. A. WikoffQ1. How did you decide to become a writer?There is a long answer and a short one. I’ll try and give you the medium one. I’ve always had to do something creative to keep myself sane. When I was a teen, I used to satiate myself by being …

Lift Off!

Lift Off! is a poetry chapbook of uplifting poems that savour the fruits of life, allowing you to revel in those small victories. Life is too short not to celebrate triumphs..... and this collection doesn’t hesitate to examine our challenges while at the same time providing a balm to the spirit and a calm to the soul. There are strong echoes of victory, whispers of magic and murmurs of prayer. However these poems impact you, they will cause you to lift your head, see the sky, dare to dream and test your wings.

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Our Interview With Vivian Zems

About Vivian Zems Vivian was born in Ghana to Nigerian parents and grew up in Ethiopia. After a short stint in Nigeria, she moved to the United Kingdom to study dentistry at The University of Manchester. She has lived in the UK for 26 years and is a mum of 4 handsome and beautiful mini-adults.
Vivian first picked up her pen in September 2016 and hasn't been able to put it down since. Also the owner and designer of her blog; …

Thank You!

So far... We've had a brilliant start to our blog! Everyone has been amazing at supporting us, so a huge thank you to everyone who has liked/shared our posts! With an extra-special thank you to these awesome people who appeared on our blog:

Joe and Michael from Rogue Animal
Elizabeth Price (Haunted Ends)
Dr. Jordan Bell (Aunt Jodie's Guide To Evolution)
A. L. Paradiso (Dragon Tales Collection)
Melanie Mason (Audiobook Narrator for "Frostbite" by E. J. Stevens)
E. H. Graham (The Window)
B. A. Loudon (A Bit of Pickled Pumpkin...)
LaVonna Moore (Callie the Calico Kitty)
Mark Schultz (Proofreading/Editing)
Bruce Medcalf (The Dream Avenger)
Catherine McCarthy (Charity - from the book "The Door and Other Twisted Tales")

Don't forget, we've got one more interview to go this year - Vivian Zems will be talking to us about her motivational poetry book, Lift Off.  We thought it would be fun to chat about New Year's resolutions.

In the new year, we'l…

Door and Other Twisted Tales

Scroll down to listen to the story, "Charity" - read by Catherine McCarthy
Botany Bay, 1790 – One by one, a colony of white-skinned pioneers disappear from their camp. Did the legendary rainbow serpent of the Dreamtime, Goorialla, wreak revenge on the ghosts for disturbing its sacred watering hole?

North-east coast of Japan 2011, vicinity of Fukushima Nuclear Plant – Seismic waves on the Pacific Ocean floor cause a catastrophic tsunami. The mythical giant catfish, Namazu, is believed to seek retribution for human greed by creating earthquakes. Could it be to blame?

Door and other twisted tales is a collection of ten, dark portal stories, each set in a different time, a different place, yet woven together by supernatural visitations which result in the death, destruction and disappearance of humans in recompense for their actions.

From Plague – the embodiment of the 14th Century Black Death, to Shams – a contemporary tale of the mysteries of quantum physics and the mind, Door an…