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Lift Off!

Lift Off! is a poetry chapbook of uplifting poems that savour the fruits of life, allowing you to revel in those small victories. Life is too short not to celebrate triumphs..... and this collection doesn’t hesitate to examine our challenges while at the same time providing a balm to the spirit and a calm to the soul. There are strong echoes of victory, whispers of magic and murmurs of prayer. However these poems impact you, they will cause you to lift your head, see the sky, dare to dream and test your wings.

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Our Interview With Vivian Zems

About Vivian Zems Vivian was born in Ghana to Nigerian parents and grew up in Ethiopia. After a short stint in Nigeria, she moved to the United Kingdom to study dentistry at The University of Manchester. She has lived in the UK for 26 years and is a mum of 4 handsome and beautiful mini-adults.
Vivian first picked up her pen in September 2016 and hasn't been able to put it down since. Also the owner and designer of her blog; …

Thank You!

So far... We've had a brilliant start to our blog! Everyone has been amazing at supporting us, so a huge thank you to everyone who has liked/shared our posts! With an extra-special thank you to these awesome people who appeared on our blog:

Joe and Michael from Rogue Animal
Elizabeth Price (Haunted Ends)
Dr. Jordan Bell (Aunt Jodie's Guide To Evolution)
A. L. Paradiso (Dragon Tales Collection)
Melanie Mason (Audiobook Narrator for "Frostbite" by E. J. Stevens)
E. H. Graham (The Window)
B. A. Loudon (A Bit of Pickled Pumpkin...)
LaVonna Moore (Callie the Calico Kitty)
Mark Schultz (Proofreading/Editing)
Bruce Medcalf (The Dream Avenger)
Catherine McCarthy (Charity - from the book "The Door and Other Twisted Tales")

Don't forget, we've got one more interview to go this year - Vivian Zems will be talking to us about her motivational poetry book, Lift Off.  We thought it would be fun to chat about New Year's resolutions.

In the new year, we'l…

Door and Other Twisted Tales

Scroll down to listen to the story, "Charity" - read by Catherine McCarthy
Botany Bay, 1790 – One by one, a colony of white-skinned pioneers disappear from their camp. Did the legendary rainbow serpent of the Dreamtime, Goorialla, wreak revenge on the ghosts for disturbing its sacred watering hole?

North-east coast of Japan 2011, vicinity of Fukushima Nuclear Plant – Seismic waves on the Pacific Ocean floor cause a catastrophic tsunami. The mythical giant catfish, Namazu, is believed to seek retribution for human greed by creating earthquakes. Could it be to blame?

Door and other twisted tales is a collection of ten, dark portal stories, each set in a different time, a different place, yet woven together by supernatural visitations which result in the death, destruction and disappearance of humans in recompense for their actions.

From Plague – the embodiment of the 14th Century Black Death, to Shams – a contemporary tale of the mysteries of quantum physics and the mind, Door an…

The Dream Avenger

Scroll down to our interview with Bruce Medcalf

Our Interview with Bruce MedcalfWhat inspired the book?

One night when my oldest daughter Briattany was about 4 years old I woke up in the darkness of night and saw her staring at me like a kid from the Children of the Corn movie. Scared the hell out of me. Off to bed I took her. Every night was the same. Bad sleeps for all involved. Finally one evening she broke down and shared that she had problems sleeping as she was having terrible nightmares. That's when I thought of The Dream Avenger. I explained that The Dream Avenger would protect her in her dreams and she would have a restful worry-free sleep. She asked me if The Dream Avenger would help her have "Sweet Dreams", I stated yes. From that moment forward, zero sleeping issues.

Have you written anything else?

Two Dream Avenger books only

What are the plans for The Dream Avenger?
All children around the world have the same fears. With the right marketing, The Dream Avenger…

Audiobook Creation & "Frostbite" by E. J. Stevens

We had fun chatting to Melanie about her Company, The Voices in Our Heads, and the books she narrates for Author, E. J. Stevens: 

Thank you for talking to us, Melanie! 😄

Co-Founder Melanie holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in performance and a Master of Science in Information Science with a Graduate Academic Certificate in storytelling. Her expertise is bringing characters to life, either through performance or direction.

For more than 20 years she has worked in the performance and voice over industry in the southwest, including commercials, audiobooks, documentaries, tours, industrials, film, and anime. She is currently the voice of E. J. Steven’s “Ivy Granger, Psychic Detective.” You can also hear her as “Marl” in Funimation’s “Fairy Tail” and “Mrs. Shimura” in “Kodocha.”

As Audio Producer/Director, she’s responsible for casting and directing. Melanie works side by side with a wonderful team of talented professionals who give clients a “Big time sound experien…

Haunted Ends

The famous paranormal investigative television show, Dead Inns, is tasked with investigating the Juniper Hotel near downtown San Francisco. Rocky Rapaport, the psychic medium on the show, makes a startling discovery while investigating the hotel. During their investigation, Rocky encounters the recently departed, Sam Thompson. Their meeting may forever change the very nature of paranormal investigations ... and test Rocky’s frazzled nerves at the same time. Rocky not only discovers that the hotel's haunted history is true but now Sam simply won’t leave him in peace until he helps him solve his murder and locate his stolen merchandise, a bag filled with uncut diamonds.

Buy the book here (UK)
Buy the book here (USA)
Check out Elizabeth Price's Amazon Author page here

OUR REVIEW: A well earned 5 Stars!
The characters jump off the page in this brilliantly entertaining story about a ghost, Sam, who wants to find his killer and the missing diamonds. The interaction between the charact…

So, You're Ready to Edit Your Book...

If you can't afford a book editor, then today's guest, Mark Schultz, has some tips for D.I.Y editing.

About Mark Schultz
I have been proofreading for over 40 years; my Hyper-Spelling lets me find the invisible spelling errors computers miss in over 95% of published books. My book promotion and reviewing package help authors reach their maximum audience. Learn more at

Interested in using Mark's proofreading service?  Here are some books Mark has worked on: Trouble At Clenchers Mill by Diana Febry Buy on Amazon
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The Shadow's Secrets by Anna Casamento Arrigo Buy on Amazon

Would you like Mark to review and/or promote your book? Book reviews by Mark: Feedback from authors: