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  At "Hidden Gems," we love indie books! In fact, we've all been through the process of self-publishing a book, and we know it is tough to get your book noticed. There is way too much competition out there, not to mention the negative stereotypes associated with self-published books.

  We've all been through that awkward moment of telling someone we published a book - the excitement on that person's face is priceless.  And then... *dramatic pause*... we reveal that it's a self-published book.

  Their excitement fades into an "it's no biggie" shrug. The disappointment in their voice is palpable as they congratulate you for "publishing" your book. Like anyone can write a novel, even them, despite having never written a story in their life.

  So, here at "Hidden Gems," our goal is to help talented indie authors leap over those annoying hurdles of "too much competition," and the "indie publishing is for untalented authors" stereotype.

We won't just interview the author, we'll put a sample of their book on our blog, host a competition (if they'd like us to do so), and we'll promote their book across every avenue available to us, which can include Rogue Animal Publishing (Rogue Animal Publishing has the final say on which books they choose to promote). 

  We're also hoping to shine a little light on the creative writing process for aspiring authors who are struggling to take that scary first step from "aspiring author" to writing their book. It's no small feat putting pen to paper to create a fictional world out of thin air.

  If you'd like us to promote your book, then email us at hiddengems2481@gmail.com.

 Or, post a link to your book on our twitter page https://twitter.com/HiddenGems81 

Thank you!

The Hidden Gems team.

Meet the Team

Adam Laws:                       https://www.adamlaws.me/
Sarah Walker:                     www.slwalkerartistwriter.com 
Rogue Animal Publishing:     https://www.rogueanimalbooks.com/about



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