Rogue Animal Talks About Publishing

About Rogue Animal: 

Rogue Animal is an independent web hosting site established in 2019 with plans to one day become a fully-fledged publishing company.
We see ourselves as the home for writers of traditional novels and short stories, graphic novels, and one-shots. On larger web hosting sites, good work is often lost due to the sheer amount of (often poor quality) content or because of specific genres receiving more views. 

We want to create a library of many different genres and concepts. Therefore we encourage you to send us a piece of your work, whether large or small. As long as it is of good quality we will happily host it on our site.

About Michael:

I'm an MA publishing student at Central Lancashire as well as a freelance writer. The last several years have made me realize how difficult it can be for fledgeling writers to gain exposure.  I want Rogue Animal to be a space for everyone, whether you're a seasoned or novice writer, we will always promote your work.

About Joe

My goal for Rogue Animal is to help writers and artists achieve their dreams.

I have always loved writing and art and choose to hone my skills in both. Through putting my work on Tapas, I discovered flaws, such as lack of visibility for creators. Good authors are often hidden due to the high volume of work on the site. This can include work from people who are not committed to their work, sometimes posting just one page or even photos. All of this drowns your content and makes it hard to get seen. At Rogue Animal we want to remove this barrier by creating a site that is meant for people dedicated to their work.

I also want to make this a place for everyone by including an 18 plus section, so there's no restriction on the creator.

Meet The Team:

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Rogue Animal Publishing:



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