The Performance of a Lifetime

Happy Halloween!


A Bit of Pickled Pumpkin and Other Short Horror Stories


In this collection of stories, all is not what it seems...Broken promises have unexpected consequences. Going to space should be a day of celebration. A sunny disposition conceals a dark family secret. And why does a bit of pickled pumpkin have an entire neighbourhood on edge?

Our Review:

5 stars: Perfect for Halloween!

I can imagine sitting around a campfire telling each of these horror stories.

Each tale brilliantly sets the scene, building a picture of what you think is happening, then there's a horrifying twist at the end. Like with a scary horror movie, the final image of each short story stays with you for several days.

This book is worth every penny you pay!

About B. A. Loudon:

B. A. Loudon is an author and artist out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She enjoys writing comedy, horror, and mystery fiction.



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