Roses & Cigarettes

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Roses & Cigarettes
Today, I got the exciting opportunity to speak to Aiden Summers about his collection of poems called, "Roses & Cigarettes", which is available on Amazon.

Hey, Aiden. Thank you for talking to us today! Would you like to tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm 23, a Taurus, and I do multiple forms of art, including digital and traditional art. I also like music and movies and shows and reading books. I work in business, and I practice writing in my free time.
How did you get into writing poetry?

I've been writing poems here and there, mainly in my other books, so I decided to make a full poetry collection. Most of my poems don't take more than five-to-ten minutes to write, which some consider pretty cool.

Is there any advice you'd give to someone who wants to start writing poetry?

My advice is to let themselves live through their poetry and think less about the critical side of it. I never plan on writing a poem; it usually comes to me from something as simple as a lyric in a song I'm listening to or something I heard or saw. Of course, some come from imagination, but for the most part, it's not the case.
What inspired you to write Roses & Cigarettes?
Roses and Cigarettes was inspired mainly by my written works, music I like, and some really peaceful moments I had during the time of writing the poem, especially times where my girlfriend and I were both feeling equally happy with each other.

Do you have any other poetry books planned?
I actually do. My next poetry book is gonna be titled Posters & Fairy Lights, and it'll have a lighter vibe to it than Roses & Cigarettes. I'm actually anticipating its release which is sometime around the summer of 2020. I'm also drawing the illustrations for it too like I did with Roses & Cigarettes.

You couldn't be on camera for this interview, would you like to say why?

I preferred to do this interview written instead of over video because of where I live. I'm from the Middle East, and I'm mainly an LGBT+ author, which could be a little problematic considering my society and family. So yeah, basically, only close friends and my girlfriend know who Aiden Summers is. To everyone else, I go by my own name.

A poetry collection and illustrations that take you on a journey of love, heartbreak, beauty, and serenity.

Book Sample:


I drew an image of you
In my heart
You painted it
With colours you chose
I tore it apart
You taped it
Too afraid to lose
And go back to the start
A stroke of water
Your shades will soothe
A symphony it was
You weren't Mozart
Yet I wasn't Beethoven
But our canvas
From silk was woven
You tore it apart
I taped it
We called it art.

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Aiden Summers writes LGBT centric work.

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