Door and Other Twisted Tales

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Botany Bay, 1790 – One by one, a colony of white-skinned pioneers disappear from their camp. Did the legendary rainbow serpent of the Dreamtime, Goorialla, wreak revenge on the ghosts for disturbing its sacred watering hole?

North-east coast of Japan 2011, vicinity of Fukushima Nuclear Plant – Seismic waves on the Pacific Ocean floor cause a catastrophic tsunami. The mythical giant catfish, Namazu, is believed to seek retribution for human greed by creating earthquakes. Could it be to blame?

Door and other twisted tales is a collection of ten, dark portal stories, each set in a different time, a different place, yet woven together by supernatural visitations which result in the death, destruction and disappearance of humans in recompense for their actions.

From Plague – the embodiment of the 14th Century Black Death, to Shams – a contemporary tale of the mysteries of quantum physics and the mind, Door and other twisted tales will lead you on a journey through time and place as the consequences of greed, loneliness, fear and impulse are exposed.

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Satan Claws (Charity)

A note from the author, Catherine McCarthy:

 Hi Everyone!

The story you’re about to listen to is from my collection, Door and other twisted tales. This particular story is entitled Charity and is the most tongue in cheek within the collection.

Each story bears a moral message, and Charity is no different. It explores society’s attitudes towards those less fortunate, specifically, in this case, those who are homeless during Christmas.

The protagonist, a hard-nosed entrepreneur, named Ms Alison Jackman, has recently been appointed C.E.O. of an advertising agency which has fallen on hard times as a result of the recent financial crisis.

In denying the customary donation to a local homeless shelter, thus rendering it unable to provide its residents with a Christmas meal, little does she anticipate the repercussions. For, unbeknown to her, one of the residents, who happens to be a poor speller, has written to Satan Claws, telling him of her evil deed and asking for his help.

As an author, I am very fortunate to have a husband who is a 3D illustrator and musician. My appreciation goes out to him as always for the images and sound effects within this audio story.

Huge thanks also go out to Sarah at Hidden Gems for providing me with the opportunity to share this with you today.

Last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank each and every one of you who takes the time to listen to my story. Without our audience, our work as writers would serve no purpose.

Hope you enjoy!

Catherine McCarthy



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About Catherine McCarthy

Catherine McCarthy grew up in the valleys of South Wales where she went on to teach for almost three decades. She was inspired to write from a young age, having fallen in love with story-telling and books after being 'shown the light' by her mother who had the tradition of oral story-telling down to a fine art!
She is the author of Hope Cottage, a dark and mysterious family saga of triumph over adversity, reconciliation and, well...hope! Penned as a cathartic means of coming to terms with the loss of her own mother it is her second novel, the first being The Gatekeeper's Apprentice, a dark-fantasy for older children.
Her most recent publication is a collection of short stories for adults entitled Door and other twisted tales. All ten stories in the collection explore the darker side of fantasy with a twist of cosmic horror. An absolute joy to write, the collection visits a variety of locations and incidents throughout history and imagines them affected by supernatural forces or creatures of myth.
She now lives with her husband, who is also her illustrator and animator, in an inspirational old Welsh cottage in West Wales where she writes, reads, sews and bakes.



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