Thank You!

So far...

We've had a brilliant start to our blog! Everyone has been amazing at supporting us, so a huge thank you to everyone who has liked/shared our posts! With an extra-special thank you to these awesome people who appeared on our blog:

Joe and Michael from Rogue Animal
Elizabeth Price (Haunted Ends)
Dr. Jordan Bell (Aunt Jodie's Guide To Evolution)
A. L. Paradiso (Dragon Tales Collection)
Melanie Mason (Audiobook Narrator for "Frostbite" by E. J. Stevens)
E. H. Graham (The Window)
B. A. Loudon (A Bit of Pickled Pumpkin...)
LaVonna Moore (Callie the Calico Kitty)
Mark Schultz (Proofreading/Editing)
Bruce Medcalf (The Dream Avenger)
Catherine McCarthy (Charity - from the book "The Door and Other Twisted Tales")

Don't forget, we've got one more interview to go this year - Vivian Zems will be talking to us about her motivational poetry book, Lift Off.  We thought it would be fun to chat about New Year's resolutions.

In the new year, we'll be bringing to you a new page - news coming soon for that page. 




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