The Dream Avenger

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Our Interview with Bruce Medcalf

What inspired the book?

One night when my oldest daughter Briattany was about 4 years old I woke up in the darkness of night and saw her staring at me like a kid from the Children of the Corn movie. Scared the hell out of me. Off to bed I took her. Every night was the same. Bad sleeps for all involved. Finally one evening she broke down and shared that she had problems sleeping as she was having terrible nightmares. That's when I thought of The Dream Avenger. I explained that The Dream Avenger would protect her in her dreams and she would have a restful worry-free sleep. She asked me if The Dream Avenger would help her have "Sweet Dreams", I stated yes. From that moment forward, zero sleeping issues.

Have you written anything else?

Two Dream Avenger books only

What are the plans for The Dream Avenger?

All children around the world have the same fears. With the right marketing, The Dream Avenger could become a worldly household name. Every dream has the potential to become a book. From books, animation is the next logical step, to an eventual full-length movie for kids.

Who is the book for?

The books are designed for the entire family. Children ages 2 - 8 can get a great sleep as well as the hardworking, stressed out parents.

About Bruce Medcalf:

Born in Hamilton Ontario, my father was a factory worker and mother a homemaker. My grandparents purchased Windemere Cottages on Kenisis Lake in the Highlands of Haliburton in the early 70’s. It was not long before we had moved up to Haliburton to live in its serenity and beauty.

Grade school and high school was filled with sports, which I excelled at. Eventually, I began working in the local resorts and took an interest in cooking. After High School graduation, I remained in the local area for a few years. Eventually, it was time to move on to the outside world.

I joined the Canadian Forces in 1984 and retired in May of 2013. I am a competitive individual, having earned many medals in culinary competitions and pistol marksmanship. Hobbies include gardening, reading, cooking, scuba, nature and most of all fishing. Every year I still find myself in the Haliburton Highlands fishing my childhood lakes.

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