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Matthew Winters is in trouble. Everything he's worked so hard to achieve is gone. One snowy Christmas Eve in 1932, he's offered a second chance. He meets Henry, the proprietor of a thrift store. It isn't your typical thrift store. The wares Henry purveys are magical. He returns home to confess everything to his beautiful wife, Anna. He convinces her that they can start anew, and use the timepiece Henry gives him to travel through time. "Don't ever let it stop ticking," Henry warns. In this mystical tale that marries time travel, romance and psychological horror, journey with the Winters across many decades to see what happens when you let love lead the way. A grotesquely beautiful love story that will test the hands of time.

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Our Interview with Barbara Avon

Q1. How did you get into writing?

My Grade 9 English teacher encouraged me to write. I started with poetry like many teenage girls, but one day, my teacher asked me to read my short story to the class. Being shy, and socially awkward, it was a harrowing experience, but the class fell silent, and some students even cried. My teacher announced, "THAT, class, is how you earn an A+." It was the catalyst I needed, and I'm forever grateful. 

Q2.  What inspired Timepiece?

I've always been fascinated with the idea of time travel. (Jack Finney's "Time and Again", got me hooked!) I've also always loved the 1930s. I married the two to come up with "Timepiece". I was intrigued with the idea of a relic (in this case, a wristwatch, that could transport its wearer somewhere in time.

Q3.  Who is Timepiece for?

Timepiece is for anyone who enjoys time travel stories, historical fiction (especially the 1930s, 1940s), and anyone who still believes that "love is the most remarkable magic". As far as audience, I'd say Adult.

Q4.  Timepiece involves a kind of magical amulet to solve a problem.  If you could have magical help, what object would it be and what would be its power?

This is an interesting question! I suppose I'd be looking for something similar to what we find in the story. Being a writer, I choose a typewriter. When you think about it, it already serves its purpose. Writing takes away from reality, (even our problems.) So does reading. Fiction is the greatest gift. There is power in words.

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His shadow crossed her frail body like some menacing presence as he stood. He leaned over to brush her thinning hair from her face, and kissed her forehead, trying to reach her beautiful mind. “I'll be right back,” he whispered in her ear. “I'm going to the store, but it will only take me a minute, okay?”

In 1982, John Armstrong walks into a convenience store. He emerges with a second chance at life. He believes he's been given a gift - but at what cost? Windfall is a dark-themed fantasy/time travel story about a man who thinks he's won it all.

About Barbara Avon

Barbara Avon is a multi-genre author. She has written since she was young, pursuing her dreams and vowing to write for as long as she can. She has worked at several different media publications and will continue to publish novels until “her pen runs dry”. In 2018 she won FACES Magazine's "Best of Ottawa" award for female Author and Spillwords "Author of the Month". She believes in paying it forward and you can read about this belief as the theme is given voice in most of her books. Avon lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, Danny, their tarantula, Betsy, and their houseplant, Romeo.

I am a wife, sister, daughter, an aunt and a friend. I am a lover of words and a firm believer that if you "lose your dreams, you might lose your mind." (The Rolling Stones)

Follow your dreams and your heart will be abundant with love. It really is that simple. God Bless and thank you from the bottom of my heart for following me on this incredible journey.

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